Build Your Powerhouse


5-Day Challenge

Are you tired of playing small and denying yourself the magnificent life you desire?

How long will you continue to put off your goals and deny your true desires because of your feelings of inadequacy?

How long will you continue to allow selfdoubt, low self-esteem, procrastination, and perfectionism to rob you of your dreams?


It’s Time to Put On Your Crown and Claim Your Reign!

Discover Simple Mindset Shifts to Build Confidence and Radically Transform Your Life.

During this 5-Day Challenge, you will receive tips and motivation to help you develop self-confidence and self-love transform your life.

Each day you will receive an email and video from me with tips, affirmations, and motivation that will empower you to shift your mindset and claim your power.

What’s Included: 

 Daily Emails with Confidence & Clarity Keys

 Daily Motivational Videos

 5-Day Confidence Builder Journal

 Private Queenfidence Collective (R) Facebook Group

Hello Queen! I’m Kristie Kennedy.

As a women’s empowerment speaker, confidence expert and executive leadership coach, I provide confidence and clarity keys to help female leaders, business owners, and executives find their voice, free their voice, and look fabulous using their voice.

I am intentionally here to release words of affirmation into your inner being.

My purpose is to provoke the fearful woman who is ready to claim the center stage as the star of her own life, powerfully shift in mind and dare to magnificently rise to unprecedented heights.