Host by: Kristie Kennedy

Igniting Hearts, Inspiring Minds and Impacting Lives!


Queenfidence Lifestyle Podcast showcases high-caliber thought leaders who have performed extraordinary acts of courage in order to overcome insurmountable obstacles in their lives.

A powerful presence begins with acute self-awareness. The decision to EVOLVE from being a transactional follower and EMERGE as a transformational leader will require a lifelong commitment to mindset mastery.

Say goodbye to negative self-consciousness and hello to positive image confidence. It’s time to play by the rules you write.

About Kristie Kennedy

Kristie Kennedy, Audacious Leadership Keynote Speaker, and Authentic Lifestyle Author is the owner of Queenfidence Global Image Consulting.

Her evocative gift of motivation empowers visionary leaders with confidence and clarity keys to find their voice, free their voice and look fabulous using their voice. 


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