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Kristie Kennedy

TEDx Audacious Leadership Keynote Speaker

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Expectations for Exceptional End Results

Paradigm shifting messages coupled with unparalleled enthusiasm
are guaranteed to set lukewarm souls ablaze!

As a highly trained presenter who communicates with captivating confidence, Kristie carries a wealth of knowledge and creates a tailor-made experience for any audience she is invited to impact.

After overcoming the fear of public speaking you can hear, feel and taste her passion fused between every consonant and vowel spoken. She does not waste words and aims to pierce the hearts and minds of those intently listening to her success secrets. One of her favorite quotes is, “Use your voice, even if it trembles.” She possesses an electrifying energy and delivers a transformational message that is timeless.

Expect the unexpected because she is audacious and lives for the thrill of knocking people out of their seat.

In less than five minutes of witnessing her in action, the comeback queen of motivation will leave you believing YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Now is the time to discover the inner hero you’ve been waiting for. “No one is you and that is your power!”

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Audacious Keynote Topics

Audacious Leadership: The Art of Elevation
The call of leadership requires a personal commitment to daily self-development. It has been said that success rises and falls upon leadership. If you desire to change it must first arise from within. Through this thought-provoking message, you will be challenged to accept your invested role and responsibility for the expected outcome.

In this world, there will be a constant flux of problems waiting to be solved. At the heart of this message, one can obtain inspiration to think differently for transformation. Many individuals cower down in fear and back away from the challenges of life when their leadership is most needed. In the words of Jim Rohn, “When I change, everything changes.” In the midst of adversity, it is imperative to focus on successful solutions and not stressful situations.

Countless men and women allow negative mindsets to stifle their creativity, productivity, and effectivity. You will be equipped with confidence keys to overcome the most common potential robbers such as fear, doubt, and insecurity. We must not allow our feelings to become the CEO of our lives. There are only two internal positions that leaders can take: Be powerful or powerless!

Communicating with Queenfidence
It is no secret that one of the greatest human fears is public speaking also known as glossophobia. According to the National Mental Institute of Health, it affects 73% of the population. It is ahead of death, height, and spiders. You are not alone and this fear can be overcome one positive change at a time. The underlying fear is negative judgment and evaluation of others.

Each participant will obtain confidence keys to speak with clarity in any public setting because Powerful presence begins with acute self-awareness. We will cover several communication styles that establish instant rapport and deeper connection. At the conclusion of this message, you will leave understanding five signature elements to create a lightning bolt explosive speaking experience:

1. Entertaining

2. Enlightening

3. Educational

4. Empathic

5. Empowering

This keynote is designed for leaders who desire to stand out in a crowded market place and are ready to polish their linguistic abilities.

Emotional Emergence: The Path to Inner Healing<br />
This keynote is tailored to help women understand the traumatic events of their lives do not decrease or diminish their self-worth. The painful experiences of the past in essence are designed to increase their imminent value. Oftentimes we choose only to embrace the pleasurable moments of our existence, discounting the negative occurrences.

During this integral time of internal restoration and exchange, we will go through the Process of Inner Healing:
Acknowledgement…………….the pain
Acceptance…………………..the person
Awareness……………………the power
Ascension……………………the proof

It is essential that the emotionally wounded take full responsibility for journeying through the entire healing process, no matter how difficult facing the memories of one’s past might be. In this sacred space, every woman will have an opportunity to courageously step through the windows of time and confront every disappointment to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes of defeat and despondency.


A thought-provoking and dynamic teaching style that will elevate your audiences self-perception from stuck to unstoppable.

Your audience will walk away from every experience feeling empowered with keys to limitless possibilities and motivated to turn their can’ts in cans and their dreams into plans!

“The Comeback Queen of Motivation”

About Kristie Kennedy

Kristie Kennedy, TEDx Audacious Leadership Keynote Speaker, and Authentic Lifestyle Author is the owner of Queenfidence Global Image Consulting.

Her evocative gift of motivation empowers visionary leaders with confidence and clarity keys to find their voice, free their voice, and look fabulous using their voice. She specializes in four areas of peak performance: mindset mastery, massive momentum, magnetic messaging, and potential maximization.

Kristie’s bodacious belief is a testament that you can shift from mediocrity to magnificence one daring action step at a time.


“Her poise, intellect, singing, and stamina had the entire audience mesmerized!”

– Sylvia Tyron Oliver


To dream is to hope, to hope is to aspire, to
aspire is to take aim, to take aim is to act, to
act is to succeed and in succeeding, you inspire the world to ascend higher.

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What others say about the “Queenfidence Experience”…


We recently had Kristie Kennedy as a hostess and psalmist at our first annual women’s conference. Kristie’s vibrant hosting style ushered everyone in attendance into an atmosphere of sheer excitement. Our guests were uplifted by her illuminating personality, encouraged by her transparency, and blessed by her anointed vocals.

Purpose-Driven Women Magazine


Ms. Kennedy’s speech outlined experiences that everyone could relate to. She engaged the audience and delivered the message with such confidence and faith. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Corpus Christi, Black Chamber of Commerce, we highly recommend Ms. Kennedy for any speaking engagement-for any audience.

President and CEO
Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce


Ms. Kennedy is an excellent epitome of leadership, strength, and an absolute emblem of empowering womanhood. The magnificent aura with which she shared her powerful experiences allows us to gain a different perspective of our lives. Through her eye-opening presentation, she has demonstrated how she dauntlessly handles every crisis and challenge of life.

UNA-USA Aldelphi Chapter

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