How I Empower my Queens to…

Find their voice, Free their voice, and Look Fabulous using their voice.

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Dear Queen,

Are you struggling with recognizing your self-worth and boldly reinforcing to others your personal value?

Have you ever felt overlooked, cast aside, and invisible to your social settings?

Are you worn out from the internal fight and just wanting to get your life back on track?

Do you feel as if you are unqualified to be a leading voice for your generation?

Welcome to the land of limitless possibilities!

Envision the power to express yourself freely.

Embrace the discipline to focus forward until the goal is complete.

Embody the confidence to own your brilliance unhesitantly.

Hi, I’m Kristie Kennedy


As a women’s empowerment speaker who provides confidence and clarity coaching to female leaders and business executives, my purpose is to deliver the keys to limitless possibilities.

My purpose is to awaken the woman who has been sleeping on her greatness and reaffirm her worth by inspiring her to realize that any pain she has encountered was a divine invitation to rule and reign.

Are you ready to Discover your Brilliance, Embrace your Power, and Showcase your Greatness!

Say goodbye to negative self-consciousness and hello to positive image confidence.

It’s Your Time To Reign!

Praise From My Queens…

“Kristie Kennedy is a godsend! During one of the darkest times in my life, she emerged as a beacon of light. Through her coaching, support, and motivation I was able to find my voice, rebuild my confidence, and refocus on reaching my goals.”

Sekina Brown – Marketing Consultant

“Kristie Kennedy has insight that exposes the blindside that keeps individuals stuck. She can see deep within and pull out the very thing that individuals will need to move forward in life… If you feel stuck in an area and need coaching to get unstuck and start moving in the right direction, she is your go-to coach.”

Montriel Alls – Elect Ladies Apparel

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“She believed she could, so she did!”

In order to EVOLVE from being a transactional follower and EMERGE as a transformational leader mindset mastery is an unequivocal necessity. Even with the accompaniment of maximum effort, this success crippling state of being will leave you questioning your innate ability to achieve great things.

Discover the keys to RISE ABOVE and overcome the suffocation of frustration.

Order your personal powerhouse mindset playbook: Queenfidence, 70 Days of Reign Inner Guide to Transformation today!

Ready to Reign with Queenfidence?

Discover CONFIDENCE & CLARITY Keys to help you make the shift from mediocrity to magnificence one daring action step at a time.