Imagine for a moment, you and a large crowd of people standing shoulder to shoulder in an exquisite banquet room. You are granted the freedom to speak just one sentence. This message is the only thing they will hear from you during this grand occasion.  What will you say?  

One of the most effective ways to communicate is starting with clarity of thought. Without question, we live in a fast-paced society. Those who have mastered the art of communicating with clarity will always be in command and in demand. The nature of leadership is to provide clear instructions laced with inspiration to incite others to execute in a time-efficient manner. 

As the messenger of your mission, it is paramount to focus on eliminating non-essential small talk void of power to impact your listening audience. Ask yourself four questions: What is necessary? What is positive and inspiring? What is solution-oriented? What is the most thought-provoking insight you can contribute to the conversation? You were not created to shrink back but to make an undeniable impact! When you voice your opinion, aspire to make every word fit concisely like a glove or you may leave others squandering for understanding. 

How do you communicate with confidence when you fear the rejection of others? The answer is, by continuously sharpening your skills. What you practice in private will be magnified in public. It is critical to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance your vocal abilities. 

Utilize every interaction to practice speaking to little children, the elderly, the homeless, the affluent, the professional, the wounded, and the arrogant. Becoming immersed in exercising your communication muscles will provide a more comprehensive awareness in relating to a plethora of individuals. A leader who can only communicate with pleasant people will be ineffective to say the least. 

A common stumbling block in establishing instant connection is the misappropriation of vocal tonality. The same tone used to converse with the arrogant might be offensive to the wounded.  

Additionally, to evolve into a prolific communicator, you must learn how to exercise good judgment in gauging the appropriate timing in unveiling your thoughts. It may be the pure truth but is it the most opportune moment to express it?

As you begin to use your voice as an instrument of change in this world focus on the difference that you were born to make. In the words of Bill Phillips, “If you wait until everything in your life is perfect before you begin something challenging and new, you’ll be waiting forever. The time is NOW!”

Lastly, speak with clarity; speak with confidence; speak with creativity; speak with compassion; speak with conviction; speak with comprehension; speak with concision; speak with courage and speak with the calmness of mind. Speak what you emphatically believe!